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This is a one day workshop.

You will learn everything about your Soul. How you got to be here and most importantly what happens when you cross over. You will learn all about the different dimensions and the beautiful beings that dwell within them.

You will be introduced to your Spirit Guides through meditation and you will be taught how to communicate with them.

During the afternoon session we will cover 2012 and what it really means. We will do some meditation work to open up your psychic centre and you will have an opportunity to practice with various divination tools giving you the necessary groundwork to develop your psychic abilities.

By the end of this workshop you will have the confidence to begin your Spiritual Journey.

This one day workshop costs GBP 50.00

This is a more advanced workshop. This course runs over two days. There is a three week break between the two days to allow you to undertake some necessary clearing work.

Ascension is a fifth dimensional state of consciousness that takes thousands of lifetimes to achieve. It can be done in one lifetime if one is motivated. I will give you the tools to make this happen.

You will be taught the Laws of the Universe and how to master them. We will cover the cosmology of the human evolution and the spiritual hierarchy.

I will teach you some powerful meditations that will clear your energy and activate your Ascension.

We will look at diet and how this affects your energy.

You will learn about the Rays and you will be able to do your own Ray reading by the end of the workshop.

We will also cover channeling as this is an important part of your development.

This course will change your life if you are committed to your spiritual development.

This two day workshop costs GBP 100.00.

My husband Tim and I were very privileged to be able to train with a Zen Master  and we would like to pass on his teaching to others.

I meet so many people who are really keen to meditate but just don’t know where to start and believe that it will be too difficult to learn. Anyone can learn it just takes commitment and practice.

We will be running two eight week courses.

The first eight weeks will cover Zen mindfulness and well being. This is a basic introduction to meditation. We will be looking at meditation for stress, physical pain, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, role stress, time pressure, and elevated function and changing your life!

Before embarking on this course you need to be sure that you have the time to engage fully. You will have to commit to thirty minutes practice everyday and be willing to try everything that we will cover. You only need to commit for the eight week course, after this period it is entirely up to you whether you continue with your meditation practice.

The second eight week course will take it up a level and go more into the actual Zen practice and insightful meditation.

Each eight week course will cost GBP 80.00.

For forth coming dates for these courses or if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: