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Soul Reading

A Soul Reading is a psychic-spiritual modality that assists us in discovering our Soul purpose and removes negative energetic blocks and restrictions that are limiting us from creating the life we want. In a Soul Reading session, the Practitioner accesses the client's Akashic Record and determines their Soul's origins, training, purpose and life lessons. The Practitioner then uncovers and clears negative energies present so that the client may fully "realign" with who they truly are at Soul-level. Clients may also be given "homework" to facilitate their own realignment with their highest path and purpose.

You will receive a written report detailing your soul group, Angelic Realm association, Spirit Guide information, details of negative influences, blockages and where they originate, together with a 21 day clearing program. Your practitioner will also do the clearing for you. A one to one session will be arranged with you to go through the report.

  • An invisible wall seems to be standing between you and the life you desire for yourself.
  • Creating change and moving forward is a struggle.
  • You manifest what you desire inconsistently.
  • You have doubts or lack of clarity about your true purpose.
  • Your intuitive abilities are inconsistent, and you do not trust your inner wisdom.
  • You would like to know more about your Spirit Guides.

Think of yourself as a radio signal, constantly emitting a distinct energetic frequency. This is how you broadcast your intentions into the Universe, and the Law of Attraction ensures that experiences manifest themselves into your life accordingly.  So how can you possibly be attracting unintended outcomes and experiences?  There are negative frequencies hidden in your energetic signature. Most of us, even Light Worker Souls, have been affected by the negative influences present on our planet at one time or another. Negativity that you encountered lifetimes ago may still be limiting you today.

Consciously create, without limitation, the life you desire for yourself. By clearing energetic blocks and restrictions at Soul level, you will find that struggles cease, and you move towards your goals with greater ease and joy.

Know your life purpose and understand yourself and others from a spiritual perspective.

Move into alignment with your Soul's highest path and purpose. Master your role as the conscious creator of your physical experience.

Learn about your Spirit Guides. Discover who your guides are and what they look like. Learn how to communicate with them.

Discover which Archangel Realm you are assigned to and how it affects your personality and purpose.

All readings are conducted by a fully qualified Soul Therapist and psychic.

You will receive a full written report detailing all the information obtained for you together with a clearing program for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. The Practioner will also conduct a clearing for you during the reading. Readings will be explained on a one to one basis either in person or by Skype/phone.